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Asset Management

St. Bourke’s Asset Management team manages over 12,000 acres of residential land consisting of approximately 25,000 single-family lots across 16 US markets, with a concentration in the Southeast.  Our management portfolio is diverse and includes land at every stage of the development cycle – from agricultural land to fully-developed residential lots.  Similarly, we have a diverse client base and cater to both private and institutional owners, and portfolios of any size nationally.

St. Bourke takes an integrated approach to asset management, implementing tailored strategies to ensure assets are strategically positioned and optimally managed in line with our clients’ objectives and industry best practices.  To do this, we focus on minimizing risk, optimizing efficiency and maximizing effectiveness.

Further, we believe that every asset requires a multi-disciplinary team to realize its highest and best use.  Our highly-specialized Asset Management division is closely integrated with the development team, and collaborates with leading consultants as needed to ensure a holistic approach is implemented.

Our core Asset Management functions include:


Land Management

We oversee all day-to-day management, including site inspections and owner reporting to ensure each asset is efficiently and effectively managed.  Our Land Management initiatives serve to enhance and preserve value throughout the life of a project and our core functions include: vegetation maintenance, forestry management, tax conservation consultancy and site security.


Environmental Management

The Environmental Management team specializes in ensuring compliance and controlling costs.  We provide assessments, execute maintenance projects and implement long-term management programs to preserve site integrity.  Our services further include: the coordination of RFP processes, insurance policies, and owner reporting, as well as liaison with local and state governments and law enforcement as needed.


HOA Consulting

Our HOA specialists provide the structure and tools to effectively govern and improve the utility of communities, and enhance their long-term value.  We provide comprehensive board services, including: budgeting and financial oversight, creating and enforcing regulations and governing documents, and facilitating board appointments.  Our ARC consultancy services include: design guideline development, plan reviews, and compliance oversight.


St Bourke’s highly-specialized Development division provides a wide range of integrated services that focus on adding value, maximizing efficiency and delivering successful outcomes.

Our track record spans a wide range of projects – from boutique developments to major master-planned communities with expansive retail and commercial components.  The multi-disciplinary team is comprised of experts from across the industry with significant development and homebuilding experience, and includes planners and engineers, architects and placemaking specialists.  Additionally, St. Bourke Development has established a leading network of national and international consultants to ensure that each project achieves and exceeds client objectives.

Our core Development functions include:



We manage the entire entitlement process including permit applications, plan submittals, and reviews and inspections.  The team negotiates approvals and provides design and engineering solutions to realize an asset’s highest and best use.

Land Use and Zoning: We specialize in the management and modification of the natural environment, navigating complex regulatory and political matters to harness the optimal use of the land.

Land Planning: Our focus is on land optimization, creating customized land plans that unlock maximum value for each asset.  Concepts are tailored to the market’s demand and builders’ specific product types, and are designed to work in harmony with the site’s natural features and topography.

Engineering: We manage all elements of the engineering process – from technical and environmental studies to the submittal of plans and negotiations with municipalities.


Project & Community Development

The team develops thriving and successful projects by focusing on community, natural amenities and social infrastructure, while prioritizing cost-efficiency at every stage.

Fee Development Services: St. Bourke efficiently delivers land development projects ready for immediate construction.  We manage all facets of the development process, from the creation of conceptual plans to the recording of the final plat.  Our full-scope Project Management services include: Land and Community Planning, Entitlement and Permitting, oversight of the project schedule, budget and bidding process, as well as conducting public and government outreach to secure support for a project.

Project Repositioning and Design: We breathe life into projects, whether broken, neglected or simply in need or revitalization.  We have a strong track record of improving project values through optimized project designs, innovative amenity and entrance improvements, and comprehensive community rebranding.

Social Infrastructure Consulting: We believe a community’s social infrastructure – which includes the people, communal and green spaces, and social initiatives – is core to its commercial success and longevity.  Our development approach integrates intelligent programming and activation of the social infrastructure to ensure value is progressively enhanced throughout the development cycle.


HOA & Declarant Services

Our specialized HOA Establishment and Consulting services carefully balance the demands of communities, boards and developers and focus on best practices for community management.  Our team manages corporate filings, covenant recordation, and provides legal strategy to establish efficient and compliant associations.  We also provide financial consulting to ensure efficient HOA management, and lead negotiations between HOA boards and clients.


Real Estate Consultancy

We leverage our team’s diverse skillset and experience to offer bespoke consulting services based on clients’ specific requirements.  Our wide range of services spans market analysis to sales strategy consulting to support clients throughout the development, ownership or disposition stage.

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